Te Oneroa was named after a well known Beach – it features a mixture of one of our popular mixes with the inclusion of shell that gives it a distinct coastal feel. This mix looks great exposed or polished.

The owners of this Epsom villa had done extensive renovations and wanted a clean look to their new paths and driveways. Te Oneroa, a new mix was viewed by the clients at our Penrose Plant. Initially the owners were apprehensive of being a ‘guinea pig’ for a new product but the inclusion of basalt insets and rustic sleepers was a hit and has created much positive comment from their visitors. The finished job was sealed to preserve and enhance the beautiful mixture.

Disclaimer:These samples are representative of what may be produced.  However there will be colour, texture and shading variations, as well as variations of exposed aggregate. As the aggregate is naturally sourced product there may be small amounts of deleterious material and or inclusions that may create staining or other surface defects in the concrete surface. Please seek additional advice from your Stevenson representative, contractor, or engineer before installation.  Stevenson Concrete Ltd fully exclude any liability in any way to any person for damages in respect of or arising out of any reliance by such person on these samples.”