Concrete Pumping and H&S

Concrete pumping is an efficient method of moving and placing concrete. This process is used in the manufacture of pre-cast and tilt-up panels, concrete formwork, slab construction, concrete paving and concrete spraying. The construction and concrete pumping industries must be aware of the obligations to prevent harm to employees, contractors and others under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 (the Act) and its regulations.

These guidelines provide practical advice about the safe operation and maintenance of concrete pumping equipment. The emphasis is to ensure a safe working environment whenever this equipment is used. They are not intended to be an all-encompassing design, maintenance and operation manual. This information is available in manufacturers’ operating manuals.

The document is based on the current knowledge of construction methods within the industry, and is not intended to exclude other methods or processes that can be shown to meet the requirements of providing a safe workplace under the Act.

The guidelines were prepared by a committee of representatives from the Concrete Pumping Association of New Zealand (CPANZ) and underwent a public consultation process. This resulted in submissions from a range of affected parties, including the self-employed, employers and employees within the industry.
Consultation with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment ensured overall compatibility with occupational health and safety legislation and technical alignment with standards.