Stevenson Flowable Fill (SFF) is a backfill material that outperforms comparative traditional backfill. It is quicker to place, does not require compaction, is delivered in a concrete truck and flows easily into any and all voids. It is ideal for work around culverts and pipes and is also suitable for tank filling.

SFF is a low-strength fluid concrete that requires no compaction and develops strength through cement hydration (its curing process). The product can be designed to meet your requirements. We can accommodate a range of strengths and flow properties. After it has been placed, the flowable fill finds its own level. It fills into all voids and hardens overnight to produce a consolidated low-strength hard fill. It can be quickly placed to support traffic loads within hours, reducing the effects of road closures for pavement repairs. In many instances, using SFF provides savings in both time and money, for the contractor, the construction company and the engineer.


Benefits of SFF:

  • pumpable option available.
  • Easily removed or excavated due to its low-strength quality.
  • Many times stronger than traditionally placed and compacted backfill.
  • An effective means of backfilling.
  • Versatile – can be adjusted to meet specific requirements and a range of performance characteristics.
  • Less equipment required – flowable fill can be placed without tampers, loaders or rollers.

Cost benefits can include:

  • Reduced labour through the ease and speed of placement (flowing self-leveling fill).
  • No compaction is required, resulting in reduced noise and no need for compactor hire.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I order SFF?
The same way you would order normal concrete – call 0800 800611.

Can SFF be pumped?
Yes, talk to Stevenson Concrete who will be able to advise you on the correct pump or they can order one for you.

How strong is SFF?
Normally 3MPa (mega Pascal) at 28 days.

How soon can I walk on it?
You can easily walk on it the following day.

Typical features:

  • Low-strength
  • Fluid
  • Cementicious (has cement-like, cementing or bonding type properties)
  • Requires no tamping
  • Requires no vibration to achieve 100% consolidation
  • Virtually self-levelling
  • Doesn’t require much labour to place it
  • Hardens overnight
  • Can be easily excavated at a later date
  • Of consistent quality in the fresh and hardened state
  • Good in tight and restricted access situations
  • Delivered out the back of a concrete truck
  • Can be pumped to difficult access sites
  • Does not settle after hardening
  • Fast to place and finish

Suitable for:

  • Backfill
  • Building excavations
  • Structural fill
  • Floor slab base
  • Tunnels
  • Sewer trenches
  • Bridge abutments
  • Road base
  • Pipe bedding
  • Mines
  • Service trenches
  • Conduit trenches
  • Sub-footing
  • Tank/void filling
  • Basements