Hawkes Bay Pebble is a Styled Concrete™  that comes in three grades, 10mm, 16mm and 19mm.  This variety offers an endless array of possibilities for creating different effects. Sourced from Napier, Hawkes Bay is predominantly blue, grey rounded pebble, with a splash of brown and occasionally a scattering of shell.


10mm Hawkes Bay Pebble



10mm Hawkes Bay        Polished

10mm Hawkes Bay        Polished & Sealed

10mm Hawkes Bay        Exposed 

10mm Hawkes Bay        Exposed Sealed

16mm Hawkes Bay Pebble

16mm Hawkes Bay           black oxide Polished

16mm Hawkes Bay           black oxide Polished &  Sealed

16mm Hawkes Bay           black oxide Exposed

16mm Hawkes Bay           black oxide Exposed & Sealed

19mm Hawkes Bay Pebble



19mm Hawkes Bay      Polished

19mm Hawkes Bay      Polished & Sealed

19mm Hawkes Bay      Exposed

19mm Hawkes Bay      Exposed &  Sealed