Styled Concrete™ can be poured with a range of finishes. The choices are endless – your concrete can be exposed, polished, stenciled, printed wood, trowel finished, coloured, light broomed, heavy broomed and patterned.  These finishes  should only be carried out by an approved specialist.




Acid Etch

Acid washing is a technique used to achieve a very shallow exposure (similar to a sandpaper effect) to the top layer of concrete, and can also be used to clean concrete after exposing the aggregate. Care must be observed when using this product – refer to the acid manufacturer.


Power-floating can begin when the concrete has hardened sufficiently. Many variables influence when power floating can commence – temperature, concrete temperature, relative humidity, wind and type and strength of concrete.

Textured Trowel

Textured trowel finishes create patterns in the concrete created by differing trowels and pressures applied when finishing.  This delivers a decorative finish to suit your individual taste.


Broom finishes adds texture for a skid resistant and decorative effect. Can be light or coarse depending on the bristles of the broom and pressure applied when finishing.

These practices should only be carried out by experienced concrete professionals, as variations can be dramatic and set in stone.


Styled Concrete

“Disclaimer:  These samples are representative of what may be produced.  However there will be colour, texture and shading variations, as well as variations of exposed aggregate.  As the aggregate is a naturally sourced product there may be small amounts of deleterious material and or inclusions that may create staining or other surface defects in the concrete surface.  Please seek additional advice from your Stevenson representative, contractor, or engineer before installation.  To the fullest extent permitted by law, Stevenson Concrete Ltd fully exclude any liability in any way to any person for damages in respect of or arising out of any reliance by such person on these samples.”